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Medical Mission Planned for January 6, 2019 Cebu Philippines

We here at Kids Need Help, Inc need your help to raise $30,000 to make this Cebu Philippines Medical mission a success.

I am requesting donations that will be used to perform facial reconstruction surgeries like cleft palates for children in the area of Cebu Philippines. We will also perform eye surgeries for those who have a need and along with the free eye surgeries I will get 10,000 pair of used glasses to give those who have a need for a pair of glasses.

If you would like to make a donation click the donate button on this page and make your financial donation in any amount, we will surely appreciate it.

Kids Need Help, Inc. has rendered enormous medical services in various areas of the Philippines, with four current projects to help children and families.

This is where I got involved as I am looking to attract caring and able people to donate whatever funds they have, so with God's help, the dreams of these children will come true.

We are also developing a free health clinic in association together with the Catholic Church of Minglanilla Cebu, Philippines. Numerous doctors are offering their spare time, upwards of 100 hours a month, to help by offering free examinations for the families in need. We also help by supplying free food, medications, vitamins and clothing to needy families.

Most of the areas in the country has limited access to water and because of this need we want to drill and install electric pumps to make the water easily accessible.

Several public schools here lack books and computers. To be able to help them we want to supply the schools with the necessary supplies to ensure the children a quality education.

Kids Need Help, Inc. is accepting donations of money, books, clothing, working computers, medicines, vitamins and medical supplies for all the projects including our orphanage. - Ray Hammersley, Founder and President of Kids Need Help Inc.

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